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We Take The Time, Cost and Risk Out of the Procurement Process.

We have the solution to your Cost and Procurement needs and priorities.

With over a decade of experience, CPRAS are experts in utilising and developing new technology to deliver substantial savings in cost, time and risk to organisations' payments and procurements processes.

Our current Banking and Finance Framework provides direct access to award-winning merchant services from our partners including Lloyds Banking Group, Equifax, Allpay, AIB Merchant Services and GCI, cutting out the need for you to hold a tender. 

Additionally, CPRAS utilise our proprietary software to facilitate the design and management of Bespoke Frameworks to meet any procurement need. If you are considering tendering for a procurement need, talk to us to see how our Bespoke Frameworks can reduce your costs, risks and procurement timetables. 

Our Current Frameworks

Click the links below to learn more about our Framework Services.

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