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Cost & Procurement Advisory Service

Our Story

Get to Know Us

CPRAS was founded in 2008 as a family business dedicated to creating and utilising new technology to provide public and private sector clients with significant savings on their cost and procurement services.

The business has grown over the last decade to become an international team of experts providing an average of 30% plus savings per year to councils, hospitals, universities, hospitality businesses and more. 

We work with partners including Lloyds Bank, Adyen, Equifax and more, with this portfolio increasing year on year to deliver game-changing bespoke Framework and Procurement services to public and private sector organisations of all sizes - all while still providing a family-business style customer experience.

Our Ethos

The primary focus of CPRAS is providing an exceptional service to our clients and achieving significant savings. We know how difficult it can be to challenge existing suppliers and be confident that you have the best possible deal for your business, so that's where we come in. 

There are four main cornerstones to how we see our business:

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Great for Business

Great For Business

We understand the pressures on both the Public and Private Sectors to reduce costs, identify ideal suppliers and comply with ever-changing legislation. That is why our Frameworks and services are designed to help you safely tap into the latest emerging technologies and cut out the time-consuming tendering process – basically, to buy better – all within current compliance regulation and guidance. We work in partnership with our clients throughout their contracts to ensure the highest quality of service is maintained, costs are validated and managed, and advocate on their behalf for continued benefits.

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Great with Technology

Great with Technology

At CPRAS, we know that staying at the forefront of technological development is key to our success. We understand the impact new technology can have on transforming best practice, but we're not content to wait while other companies develop solutions - when it comes to procurement, we create them ourselves.

We’re the original designers of the software used to optimise pricing for 30% of all debit and credit card transactions in the UK. Our MD was behind the Universal Pricing Model for Merchant Acquirers Optimiser Software that enabled the world’s first merchant service cost comparison platform, and the EU Payment Services Framework, which is not only making 30%+ savings for Local Government, but helping them with PCI DSS compliance – and even generating revenue opportunities.

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Great for Disruption

Great For Society

At CPRAS, giving back is always at the forefront of our minds. One of our primary motivators for our Public Sector work is saving councils money that can be better spent on all the things that matter most to us: our kids; our schools; our hospitals; our health; our roads; our open spaces, and our communities. That is why our team are always researching how we can develop further solutions to help address poverty, inequality and environmental issues. If you are an organisation dedicated to positive social change, please get in touch to discuss how we can support each other.

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Great for Disruption

Great For Disruption (In a Good Way!)

We believe that organisations should be more in control of their procurement and that unnecessary red-tape and outdated processes shouldn't make it difficult to find and adopt the best possible services and products. This is why, whilst all our Frameworks and Procurement Services are fully compliant with regulations, CPRAS has heavily invested time and resources into game-changing, new technologies that can 'disrupt' the current systems which slow or prevent positive change. Utilising our platforms and services ensures that our clients can avoid these pitfalls, increasing their efficiency and their ability to grow.

Our Partners

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