CPRAS delivers best-in-class leading-edge Fintech procurement solutions that save you money, time and risk

All public sector bodies, from local councils to central government, from health and education authorities to charities, can benefit from our fully vetted, best-in-class, OJEU-compliant, latest technology solutions - and with no upfront cost.

Contact us today, to find out how you can join those making
proven and consistent average savings of more than 30% while cutting out and de-risking the tender process – because we’ve done that work on your behalf.

Our bespoke framework solutions support:

  • Modern Banking;
  • Merchant Services;
  • Payment Gateways;
  • Specialist DD services;
  • Open banking payments
  • Call-masking and IVR (data protection for phone
  • ID Management and affordability assessments;
  • Eviction and repossession reduction programme.

Our bespoke Frameworks provide direct access to award-winning merchant services from our partners including Lloyds Banking Group, Equifax, Allpay, AIB Merchant Services and GCI, cutting out the need for you to hold a tender, and which:

  • are tried and tested;
  • streamline and de-risk the tendering process;
  • evaluate due diligence across more than 200,000 cost and service fields;
  • incorporate the Interchange Fee Regulation Directive;
  • help achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance to v.3.2;
  • harness the latest Fintech solutions;
  • use trusted Merchant Services provided by the most innovative banks in the industry;
  • offer revenue generation opportunities;
  • report monthly on performance and savings;
  • come with expert consultancy support – GDPR, fraud prevention, scheduled changes in compliance, alternative payment mechanisms (phones or wearable tech), the regulatory landscape – PSD 2 – and more! and
  • make proven savings of more than 30%

Case study - council saves more than 50% on card processing

Aylesbury Vale District Council Financial Systems Manager, Rosanna Iannone, says of our project to save them costs on their card processing and merchant acquiring servces: 'It has been an extremely seamless process and probably one of the best change projects I have worked on’. The council's actual realised savings actually exceeded our projections of 52.8%. See more case studies like this.