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Thank you for requesting more information about our Procurement Platform from Wired-Gov.

On the heel of winning several global awards, CPRAS, the UK’s Leading Cost and Procurement Advisory Service, are thrilled to launch our new Procurement Platform, developed after decades of experience in Public Sector Procurement.

On average, a Public Body can expect to save 30% per annum on its Financial Services through the current Financial Services and Payments Framework available on the CPRAS Procurement Platform. The Framework provides participants with direct access to leading-edge financial services from the winning bidders, thus avoiding the need for organisations to run their own tenders. Suppliers include Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest Group, Adelante, Checkout, Cocoon, Ecospend, Go Cardless, HeyCentric, Key IVR, Kikapay, Nuvei, VISA, Volopa and Vyne.


All suppliers are fully vetted before their products or services are made available on the Procurement Platform. With a deep understanding of how important this is to Public Bodies, we recently won an award for our enhanced due diligence services. And in 2023, one of our suppliers crossed the £1 billion threshold for transactions processed through our Frameworks.

Services currently available on the CPRAS Procurement Platform include; Income Management Systems, Banking Services, Merchant Services, Call Masking & IVR, Open Banking Payments, Open Banking Data Services and Procurement Cards.

There are no costs or obligations associated with registering your interest in using the CPRAS Procurement Platform to search for improved products or services. 

Granular Weighting

Unlike traditional procurement platforms, with the CPRAS Procurement Platform, you are able to adjust the weighting for every element of a product or service specification's, ensuring you receive the most optimal offer for your organisation's unique needs.

The platform also considers a wide range of social value elements, helping your organisation contract products and services from suppliers who share your values.

Invoice Validation

Also included in the Framework is the CPRAS Invoice Validation Service. 

Checking financial service charges must be done on a transaction-by-transaction basis, and for every transaction there are many variables which determine price. Finance Departments are therefore limited to checking “headline” data, such as validating that the total value of transactions that are being charged for matches the value of receipts.

However, CPRAS has developed the technology needed to cross-check every transaction fee and continually monitor for discrepancies. 

This service recently resulted in a District Council being refunded for an £8,000 overcharge. If this accounting error had continued unnoticed, this would have equated to nearly £100,000 lost over the course of the first year of their contract alone. However, because the Council had the CPRAS Invoice Validation Service, our technology caught the error in its first occurrence. And the best part - the Council only needed to become involved when they were notified the refund was on it's way to them. CPRAS handled every stage of the identification and resolution process directly with the supplier on their behalf.

Register Your Interest

There is no cost or obligation associated with registering your interest in our Procurement Platform or searching for products or services and the average Public Body can expect to save approximately 30% on their Financial Services. To find out how what our trusted suppliers can offer you, please complete the form below.

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