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Solar Farms Framework

CPRAS understands the increasing urgency and pressure for all organisations to address or introduce Net Zero targets. We also understand the difficulty in achieving these goals without the experience, expertise or time to know the best next steps and solutions. That is where CPRAS are stepping in to help.

We have built a collaborative space for a future Framework which will enable organisations of all sizes to source products and services to efficiently meet their Net Zero targets.

How Does It Work?

We are actively engaging and vetting suppliers of eco-solutions and encouraging organisations to share their Net Zero needs, as well as any existing best practice we can all benefit from on this platform. Once the priorities are decided, everyone in the collaborative space will be able to access and engage with a CPRAS managed tender for these solutions.

There is no cost or obligation associated with joining the collaborative space.

Over 40 Eco- Solutions...

Over 40 eco-solutions are currently listed on our Outcome Focus Group collaboration space. Once registered, you will be able to click into each of these lots to see the description of the service/product, add your requirements and rate the importance of specification elements.

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Net Zero

Unique Rating System...

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Unique Rating System

Our Collaboration Space is designed to ensure you are able to communicate your exact requirements to our pre-vetted suppliers. That is why we have given you the option of rating each element of a product/service in how important it is to your organisation. You will also be able to suggest further features that would benefit you for the suppliers to review.

Opportunity To Suggest Lots...

We know that many organisations have already been conducting their own significant research into eco-solutions and may have found a product or service we haven't come across yet. We would love for you to share your best practice or suggestions for our Pathways to Net Zero Framework on the Collaborative Space, so we can all benefit from the best solutions.

Cost & Procurement Advisory Service Solutions
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