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Business Community Platforms

Introducing CPRAS’s Business Community Platforms, a unique initiative designed with a dual purpose - to generate new revenue streams for Public Sector Organisations while supporting their local business communities.

Our Business Community Platforms will utilise the innovative technology we developed to create our CPRAS Procurement Platform for a group of Nottinghamshire Councils, an online system that streamlines the procurement process and provides any Public Sector organisation with access to average savings of 30% per annum across a range of products and services including Merchant Services, Open Banking and Income Management Systems. Our Platform offers a fully regulation-compliant service and unprecedented levels of control with a unique granular weighting system for every element of a product or services specification.


After realising the full potential of our new Procurement Platform, we are now expanding our offering to help Public Sector Organisations provide businesses in their communities access to these products, services and (most importantly) savings by creating a personalised Business Community Platform for their local area.

Benefits to Local Businesses

Through our Business Community Platforms, Local Businesses will now have a pathway to:

  • Cost Savings through Leverage: Typically achieve a 30% cost saving per annum through leveraged procurement.

  • Optimised Supplier Selection: Benefit from our granular weighting system for precise supplier selection. In traditional, one-size-fits-all procurement frameworks, weightings are typically fairly rigid with 50% on price, 45% on quality, and a mere 5% on social value. Our ground-breaking system, on the other hand, not only allows you to adjust these overall weightings to align with your priorities, but also allows you to apply individual weightings to every element of the product or service, without restrictions; allowing an in-depth, granular evaluation not just on price and quality, but extending to the social value elements that are most important to your communities.

  • Platform Support for Due Diligence: Benefit from the same diligence that was once the reserve of larger entities, such as Councils, to procure products and services, with ample support from the platform.


  • Engage New Markets: If businesses decide to undergo the necessary due diligence, they will also have the ability to register as suppliers on the Business Community Platform and the CPRAS Procurement Platform. This will enable them to offer their products and services both locally and nationally across public and private sectors, with ample support from the Platform.

Benefits to the Public Sector Organisation


By creating a Business Community Platform with CPRAS, Public Sector Organisations can unlock:

  • New Revenue Streams: All Public Sector Organisations would generate commission-based revenue through local businesses' transactions on their platform.

  • Business Community Support: Our Platforms help foster a supportive environment for the local business ecosystem, contributing to community development.

  • Bespoke Support: Our Platforms are not limited to offering savings on Financial Services - we can develop a Framework on your Business Community Platform for any procurement need. This means you can receive and offer tailored products and services that address specific challenges in your communities, including Net Zero Targets and more.

The Process

Step One


If you are a UK Public Body, use the contact form below to register your interest in creating a Business Community Platform (BCP) for your area. A member of our dedicated support team will then be in touch with further details about next steps and to answer any queries you may have.

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Step Three


Optionally, CPRAS can also develop an additional Framework (or several) on the Platform for any procurement that would be particularly beneficial to you or your local business community. This includes Frameworks to help address Net Zero targets or other specific local challenges.

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Step Two


We will then work directly with you to develop your Business Community Platform. This involves our technical team walking you through exactly how the Platform functions and applying your branding, priorities and policies to your BCP.

At this stage, all elements of the CPRAS Procurement Platform will also be available to you, with no costs or obligations. This gives you the ability to view significant potential savings and to call off products and services from all available Lots.

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Step Four


Once set up, local businesses can easily register to start procuring products and services directly from the Business Community Platform, with you earning a commission for every completed transaction.

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Register Your Interest Here

On receipt of this form, we will contact you by email to provide all the information necessary to initiate the review. N.B. The number of Guarantees available is limited and no assumption of Guarantee can be made until confirmed by CPRAS following receipt of this form.

Thank you for getting in touch. A member of our team will be in contact shortly.

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