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Accept Contactless Payments
Sep 15, 2015

Accepting contactless payments is no longer optional for retailers and hospitality businesses.

The long awaited Apple Pay is now with us, and other contactless payment options are on their way. With the transac
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Secure Trading may no longer process transactions with WorldPay
Sep 08, 2015
It's all rumour so far, but word in the industry says that Secure Trading are terminating their relationship with WorldPay.
The story goes that now that Secure Trading have their very own "acquiring license" they
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Visa Debit Changes
Mar 05, 2015
On the 1st of March 2015, Visa are changing the way that they charge for processing debit card changes. For most businesses, the change will mean higher costs, but there is a lot of confusion still surrounding the cha
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Visa Debit Card Surcharges
Mar 04, 2015
Many of our client businesses and local authorities choose to add a surcharge when customers pay by credit card. The rules about surcharging are simple: Surcharging is allowed only to the extent of passing on the cost
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A Crash Course in Interchange & Merchant Account Pricing
Mar 04, 2015
Thanks to sustained pressure from the European Union, the UK card processing industry is set for its biggest ever shake-up. The rates that are charged for all sorts of card payment types are being over-hauled, and ind
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Driving Down The Cost Of Merchant Accounts
Nov 10, 2014
If you accept payment from your customers using credit or debit cards, it is likely that you are paying too much for payment processing services (your Merchant Account). The Card Processing Advisory Service (C.P.R.A.S.)
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What is a merchant account?
Nov 20, 2012
Merchant account services are provided directly by acquiring banks and indirectly by Independent Sales Organisations (ISO's). If you want to accept payments by credit cards and debit cards, then you will need a merchant
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Merchant Account Support Service
Nov 18, 2012
Once you've settled on the best possible merchant account rates, how easy is it to reconcile statements and make sure that your chosen merchant service provider keeps you in touch with the latest developments like emergi
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Cut the cost of Christmas Sales
Nov 16, 2012
Business should be booming during the festive season but complex charges for credit and debit card transactions are crippling some companies, writes Daniel Hunter for Continue Reading →
Raise Finance through your Merchant Account
Nov 08, 2012
If you are looking to raise capital for increased stock, refurbishments or other business costs, then the CPRAS merchant account cash advance can now provide up to £500k. Other Merchant Account cash advance pages on
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