About Us

CPRAS: good for society

For many years, the CPRAS team have been separately and jointly working for the good of society.

We’re passionate about bringing efficiency and savngs to sectors that aren’t necessarily able to tap into the best in Fintech solutions – systems that are already out there, but which organisations may not normally come into contact with.

Our driving force now is to find Fintech solutions that make a difference to the everyday lives of the most disadvantaged of our communities. We all know about the poverty premium, how the poorest in society end up paying the most, because systems are stacked against them.

So, by empowering public bodies to reduce their spend, by harnessing best-in-class technology, freeing up both time and money, those costs can instead be better spent on all the things that matter to us: our kids; our schools; our hospitals; our health; our roads; our open spaces.

And our communities. 

Good with technology

We aren’t just randomly selecting solutions that look good, we’ve actually been working with payment processing solutions for many years. In fact, we’re the original designers of the software used to calculate 30% of all debit and credit card transactions in the UK.

Our MD was behind the Universal Pricing Model for Merchant Acquirers, Optimiser software that enabled the world’s first merchant service cost comparison platform, and the EU Payment Services Framework which is not only making 30%+ savings for Local Government, but helping them with PCI DSS compliance – and even generating revenue opportunities.

Good at giving back

There are many good things that drive us. And by choosing us, you can join us.

One is the charity B1G1, Business for Good. Imagine if when you commission our cost-saving services, a family the other side of the world can drink clean water for the first time. Imagine no more! 

We’re also behind a community and an ecosystem that’s committed to building a new economic model, which creates a virtuous circle to fight poverty. Our platform is a money management solution for simple budgeting, access to money saving offers, switching deals and affordable loans even for those on low income. Giving back has never made more sense.

Disruptive in a good way

This September (2020) we ran The Fairer Finance Hackathon.

A decade of austerity combined with the economic consequences of Covid-19 have left even more millions in poverty. And that’s not about buying fancy things – it’s about an increased infant mortality, lower school performance, higher suicide rates, heart attacks and relationship breakdowns.

Our hackathon brought coders together to tackle credit scoring and ‘bounced’ scheduled payments, both of which drag those struggling with their finances deeper into difficulty. The challenge we set was to create a web app to help people manage payments and cope with day to day financial challenges.