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About us

If you are like 8/10 of the companies that contact us, you will be able to benefit from credit card processing rates that are much more beneficial to you. What’s more, it’s very likely that we can improve the service levels you get – even while saving you money!

Before making contact with us, you may be interested in the following …

Our Credentials

who we are, what results we get, confidentiality and plenty of reasons to make contact.

CPRAS are passionate about improving client’s bottom lines by cutting the cost of their card processing requirements. But who are we and why should you trust us?

CPRAS was founded by the same team that developed the MAPS software for the card processing banks. This software is now used to calculate processing costs for over 30% of UK card transactions.

We are the only independent specialist in this field. As such, we have negotiated rates for £billions of card transactions across every industry sector. Whether you are an international motor company or a small independent optician, CPRAS have the experience and contacts to ensure that you don’t pay a penny more than you need to for your card processing.


This is vitally important to us.

Your statements, and any other information that you provide, are treated as totally confidential and are not shown to anyone outside CPRAS and the acquiring banks with whom we negotiate. All paperwork can be returned or destroyed at your request once the process is complete but we will keep a copy for our records.

Our Guarantee

in plain English, our guarantee gives you even more reasons to make contact.

Our guarantee to you is that (applies to No-Win-No-Fee and Bespoke Services):

  • You will not pay a penny for us to analyse your card processing costs statement.
  • We will not charge you anything unless we find savings of at least 10% or £20,000.
  • We will find you the best card processing rates that we can.
  • If we can’t save you money we will tell you.
  • Our charge is just 25% of the savings we find (providing that they are greater than 10% or £20k).
  • You can pay-as-you-save – with our new DD option you can be cash positive from start to finish.

Where we work

we provide solutions for companies throughout the UK.

Like many in the financial services industry, having a London base doesn’t mean that we’re restricted to London.
Our service is mostly delivered remotely and so we can work with companies throughout the UK, with most communication being through telephone and email.


  • CPRAS achieved astonishing results for us, and I thoroughly recommend their service.
    THE RITZ LONDON, (Suzanne Eske - Financial Controller)
  • It’s hard to fault a free review service that has led to us making a 40% cost saving.   There must be so many other businesses out there paying uncompetitive rates who could benefit from this service.  A user friendly website and helpful staff made the whole process very smooth.   Highly recommended!
    Mr K Hector (Motor Trade),
  • It’s hard to fault a free review service that has led to us making a 40% cost saving.   There must be so many other businesses out there paying uncompetitive rates who could benefit from this service.  A user friendly website and helpful staff made the whole process very smooth.   Highly recommended!
    Mr K Hector (Motor Trade),
  • Thank you for rectifying the confusion about DCC so swiftly. Without your help we would never have understood the way we were being charged - or realised the savings we could make. This will obviously have a positive effect on our bottom line and we are very pleased with the service. Thanks to everyone at CPRAS for all your help.
    Ms. C. Davies, Finance Director (Restaurants)
  • If only you could get the savings back-dated! Wish I'd done this sooner.
    Mr. D. Smith, Chief Finance Officer (High Street Retail Sector)
  • Absolutely delighted! A 1st rate sevice and an excellent result. Thanks.
    Mr. B. Warner, M.D. (Travel Sector)
  • A good service. CPRAS communicated professionally and found worthwhile savings.
    Mr. T. James, Finance Director (Multi-Site Retail)
  • We were please to hear that we were already on just about the best possible rates. The 4% saving identified isn't enough to tempt us into a move. We have taken advantage of the CPRAS guarantee and so it has cost us nothing.
    Ms. S. Peters, Credit Controller (Hotel Sector)
  • A complete No-Brainer! With a net saving of 14%, we are very happy with the CPRAS service.
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    Mr. J. Stevens, Independent Retailer
  • CPRAS have provided a professional service at all times. We saved 17% after their charges and after providing the initial information I wasn't bothered until the results came through.
    Mr. A. Jones, Finance Director (Healthcare)
  • I had imagined that the process would be quicker than it was in the end (it took 2 months before we actually switched to our new rates) but we are delighted with the savings and our new supplier seems much more enthusiastic about customer sevice.
    Mrs. A. D., Owner (Motor Trade)
  • I have found CPRAS to be a very professional organisation, and would recommend them to anyone. We were provided with a professional service at all times. CPRAS did, as promised, identify worthwhile savings. They answered all my questions quickly and honestly and were very easy to work with.
    Yvonne Poole, Finance & Marketing Director (Healthcare Sector)
  • CPRAS carried out the analysis and made significant saving on our card processing contract. The process was quick and painless, and a complete no brainer. Money saved, and no change in service or quality. 
    Ronald Duncan, Chairman(@UK PLC.)
  • We were really pleased to find that we could save over £12,000 per year having used CPRAS’s investigation and recommendation. They did all the detective work for us and managed to negotiate a reduction in our rate with our current suppliers. They were quick and efficient and I am happy to recommend their services.  Try them because if you don’t you’ll never know what they can do for you. 
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    Mark Seager, Credit Manager (Norbain SD Ltd.)